Dynamic Combustion System

  • Dynamic Combustion System are innovative system for automatically regulating combustion parameters and ensuring maximum efficiency and safety from the stove. This is a brand new concept in the field of biomass fueled heating. The system is the expression of an intelligent and environmentally compatible new technology developed thanks to major investments and close cooperation with the producer of electronic device.

Dynamic operation is more efficient, safer and cheaper

  • Normal variations in pellet quality, flue draft, altitude above sea level and operating temperature make it impossible for conventional stoves to achieve optimal efficiency. Dynamic Combustion System automatically varies combustion parameters to maintain optimum combustion and ensure maximum efficiency and low consumption of pellet..
  • Measuring under pressure inside of burning chamber, measuring of air flow intake inside of burning pot on every 5 secounds and comparing of data of the system against the laboratory data, give oportunity to Dynamic combustion system to change combustion parametars data to adjust air flow exactly quantity needed for perfect burning. In same time with comparing of temperature of flue, including the level of air intake in system Dynamic combustion system also make change of quantity of pellet needed to be burned inside of burning pot with maximum keeping of burning power (low or high quality of pellets).
  • With impletation of this system our stove never stop, never have loading of extra pellet, never have problem with burning and work independed beetwen 5 till 10 days without any customer intervention, All this advantage make this stoves simple one of the best in hand of our customers.
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