Years of experience in thermodynamic and heat exchangers give to us opportunity to make one perfect design of water exchanger inside of our products. Using quality materials special steel and pipes, professional welding and especially good design on stress give to this exchanger to be endurance even on 10 bar of water pressure.


The heat transfer coefficient for liquids and gases flowing through pipes in heat exchangers tends to be limited due to a fluid boundary layer close to the pipe wall that is stagnant or moves at slow speed, this acting as an insulating layer. Such heat exchangers are, for example, in domestic central heating systems. This boundary layer can be broken or reduced in thickness if turbulators are placed in the pipe, which create a turbulent flow that reduces the boundary-layer thickness and thereby increase the heat-transfer coefficient. This increase in heat transfer coefficient comes at the price of increased pressure drop through the pipe as well as increased manufacturing cost and complexity. Friko involve this advantage in products and all pipe in exchanger have turbulators assembled inside with simple and easy to use for customers.Involving of this we make very good efficiency of the final product.

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