FRIKO products are guaranteed, for 36 months on boiler, construction and electric and electronic parts from the date of purchase. Purchase has to be proved by means of a valid fiscal document issued by the seller (receipt, invoice or shipment document) identifying the purchased product and its purchase and/or delivery date. 

This conventional guarantee does not replace the guarantee regulated by the European legislation on consumer rights. The conventional guarantee is only applicable to the Macedonia and to those areas, within the European Community, where the Authorized Technical Assistance Centers are active. It is also limited to the state of residence of the consumer, which must coincide with the premises and/or registered office of the seller of the FRIKO product. These regulations do not apply if the product is purchased within commercial, entrepreneurial, or professional circumstances. In these cases the product guarantee will be limited to a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.


– What must be done if there is a product malfunction: Consult the instructions manual to make sure the malfunction cannot be solved by using the product correctly. Make sure the malfunction is included in those covered by the guarantee; otherwise the cost of the intervention will be borne entirely by the consumer. When requesting the intervention of the Assistance service at the Authorized Assistance Center, always specify: – type of malfunction – model of the appliance – complete address – phone number

– If the malfunction is linked to external events and/or conditions such as, including but not limited to, insufficient capacity of the systems; wrong installation and/or maintenance by the personnel which hasn’t got the skills prescribed by the laws of the country of residence of the consumer; negligence; inability to use the product and wrong maintenance by the consumer, with respect to what is reported and recommended by the instructions manual of the product, which is part of the sales contract, this guarantee will be void. Damage to the product that cannot be related to manufacturing defects are also not included in this guarantee. Similarly are excluded defects related to incorrect operation of the flue, according to the legislation in force in the country at the moment of purchase. Other exclusions include all product defects due to carelessness, accidental breakdown, tampering and/or damage during transport (scratches, dents, etc.), interventions carried out by unauthorised personnel and further damage caused by incorrect interventions by the consumer trying to arrange the initial malfunction. The following consumables are excluded by the guarantee: gaskets, ceramic or tempered glasses, cast iron grilles or coatings, refractory materials (e.g. Nordiker or others), painted, chrome-plated or golden parts, majolica ware, handles, the brazier and its related components. For Hydro products the heat exchanger is not covered by the guarantee if a suitable condensation-proof circuit is not set up to ensure a return temperature of the device of at least 45°C. The guarantee excludes all the external components on which the consumer can directly operate during use and/or maintenance or that can be subject to wear and/or rust and stains on steel due to aggressive detergents. If malfunctions are signaled which are not later confirmed during check by an authorized technician, the cost of the intervention will be borne entirely by the consumer.

– If it is not possible to restore product conformity by repairing it, the product/component will be replaced, the guarantee expiration date and conditions will remain the same established when the product/component to be replaced has been purchased

FRIKO cannot be held liable for injury or damage which may – either directly or indirectly – be caused to persons, animals and property ensuing from failure to observe all the instructions provided in the relevant instruction manual and the warnings regarding installation, use and maintenance of the product, that can also be downloaded on the website

– Interventions for adjusting and/or regulating the product for the type of fuel or other reasons are excluded by the guarantee

– If the product is repaired in one of the Authorized Technical Assistance Centers indicated byFRIKO and if the product is replaced, transport will be free of charge. If the technician can repair the product at the user’s place of residence and they refuse, transport to the workshop and re delivery will be paid by the consumer.

– After passing of time of the guarantee have elapsed any repair intervention cost will be completely borne by the consumer.


  • Only use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The product must not be used as an incinerator. Š
  • Do not use the product as a ladder or supporting structure. Š
  • Do not place laundry on the product to dry it. Any clothes-horse or similar objects must be kept at due distance from the product. Danger of fire or damage to the coating. Š
  • The user is fully liable for any incorrect use of the product. The manufacturer bears no civil or criminal liability for incorrect use. Š
  • Unauthorized tampering of any nature or replacement of spare parts of the product with non-original parts may endanger the operator and the manufacturer bears no civil or criminal liability for this. Š
  • Large parts of the surface of the product can get very hot (door, handle, glass, smoke outlet pipes, etc.). Please therefore avoid coming into contact with these parts without wearing suitable protective clothing or using appropriate measures, such as heat protective gloves. Š
  • DO NOT use the product with the door open or if the glass is broken. Š
  • The product must be electrically connected to a system equipped with an operational earthing system. Š
  • Turn off the product in the event of a failure or malfunctioning. Š
  • Not burned pellets that build up in the burner following each failed start-up must be removed before attempting to start up the product again. Make sure that the burner is clean and correctly positioned before starting it up again. Š
  • Do not wash the product with water. Water may penetrate into the unit and cause faults in the electrical insulation. This can cause electric shocks.
  • Š Installations not complying with the regulations in force, as well as incorrect use and failure to comply with the maintenance scheduled by the manufacturer, will invalidate the guarantee.
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